Chapeau Showreel

The Project

Chapeau has ambitious goals for the future of Nike’s in-store experiences. Starting with content, we’d like to build an iterative experience strategy that makes the Nike retail environment an engagement destination.

We propose combining Nike By You’s current builder with branded video, merging the worlds of the product customization experience and polished video production together in a new dynamic rendering engine. The videos generated in this process will give customers authorship and design ownership over a video of their making.

This digital retail collaboration is centered around Nike By You’s core philosophy of empowering co-creators with the tools they need to create shoes that reflect their individuality and spark inspiration.

There is no better company for Chapeau to match this pioneering technology with than Nike, who has always been at the forefront of sneaker technology and brand identity. We believe that the incorporation of unique generative videos by Nike will foster an even more committed community powered by individuality.

Pilot Project Elements

Working closely with Nike, Chapeau will provide strategy, design, technical expertise, and on-set supervision to lay the groundwork for an expanded Nike By You experience.

The UGVs

The unique generative videos will be bold, on-brand and dynamic. Featuring a male and female street dancer respectively, these visuals aim to reveal the athletes’ inner strength and individuality while also showing the shoe in motion at its best angles.

The Technology

Chapeau Studios will work closely with Nike to design and develop an efficient pipeline that will give the ultimate flexibility for Nike By You consumers to see their designs in an engaging, informative and elevated way. Not only will the pipeline utilize the current library of colors, textures and materials within the NBY AF1 palette, it will also have the capability to incorporate any future material options seamlessly, without a reshoot. Driven by the current builder, the combined experience will lay a foundation for even more immersive, dynamic visuals to come.

The User Experience

As part of the in-store experience, we envision using high-grade, color-accurate portrait oriented monitors. Co-creators will have the satisfaction of seeing their design come to life in a piece of elevated content. A highly shareable platform encourages flaunting their unique shoe design and exponentially spreading excitement about the NBY builder.

The resulting pipeline from pilot will serve as a backbone for any Nike By You UGV. This technology and product could become a mainstay of the overall experience offered by NBY.


Chapeau Studios is at the forefront of what we consider to be an emerging genre of shareable content: Unique Generative Videos. It makes sense to leverage our expertise in UGVs in collaboration with Nike: innovative creative technology for an already innovative brand.

Design and Collaboration

Our team of designers and animators will work closely with Nike’s video production team to iterate each film from concept to finish, delivering beautiful, personalizable, dynamically-engineered films, along with technology that will power the UGVs.

Video Execution

This part of the project combines a mix of traditional VFX and progressive digital filmmaking. Chapeau will create a virtual version of the shoe from which data is extracted. The final steps are combining the on-set captures, 3d modeling, and dynamic compositing technology, bringing the UGVs to life.

Integration and Activation

The culmination of the UGV process is activating them within the digital and retail spaces for effortless and infinite configurations. We will team up with Nike and their retail specialists to seamlessly connect UI extension and AV engineering to put the Nike Plus member at the forefront of the new Nike Live retail experience.


The UGVs celebrate the co-creator’s bespoke design on a large scale, while using an engaging environment and visuals to further contextualize the individuality of the shoe.

Mood: Dark Environment


This environment reflects dark, contrasted visuals. Light reveals shapes and forms, carving them out from a rich space. It travels over the dancer and shoes, stoic in their moves deliberate in the space. This is shot in a studio where lighting remains controlled and the background is some form of a cement texture.