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We free brands and creators to innovate with confidence.

A trusted source of fertile, engaged collaboration, Chapeau aims to uplift content. Integrating traditional film techniques efficiently with technology, UX and design, we use multidisciplinary toolkits to deliver innovative products and experiences.

Nurturing our own evolution.

Chapeau’s reputation for pristine execution has a diverse legacy. What began well before 2000 as a love of communicating through visual arts, sciences, music and tech grew by 2013 into Chapeau FX, a nimble white label post-production and visual effects solution for agencies and brands. Our curiosity and taste for innovation enabled us to design & integrate in-house models for creative expansion and research & development across video production channels.

In 2019, Chapeau Studios represents our organic evolution from visual effects & animation specialists to full-blown content and technology producers. Formed on foundations in design, engineering, film disciplines, and the digital revolution, Chapeau dauntlessly embraces the roles of technology in an increasingly integrated content production landscape.

Building bridges between creative and technology.

Deep capabilities in high-end film & video content, digital design and development enable Chapeau to be a category-defining source of solutions. Chapeau is uniquely positioned to combine visual effects, editorial, design, photography, and story development fluidly with experience design, web development, and software & app engineering.

Chapeau's multidisciplinary creative studio is a leading tech-forward collaborator for brands, retailers, content studios, production companies, creative agencies, experience designers, game developers, and digital innovators alike.

We make what ifs into what's next.

Chapeau's ideal projects require inventive, interdisciplinary solutions to future-facing problems.

Meet your secret weapons

Lauren Mayer-Beug

Creative Director / Director


Ben Looram

VFX Wizard

Partner / Owner

Karuna Venter

Experience Design / UX

Managing Partner / Owner

José Nuñez

FIlm / Video Production

Jesse Hoy

Creative Content Development

Chris Gunn

Business Development

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